The addiction process comes with lots more of demerits than merits. For the fact that it adversely affects the brain causing us to behave in unacceptable ways, it is enough disadvantage which comes with addiction.

When people start off in the addiction process, it becomes convenient for them. However, unknown to them, various aspects of their lives begins to decline. Later on in life, they discover that they have lost so much to addiction.

One of the major demerits of addiction is failed relationships with friends and families. Hardly will you see an addicted person who has a good relationship with his or her loved ones.

The reason for this is they will spend more time fueling their addiction than hanging out with family and friends.

Family and friends who are observant will notice that their loved one is no longer the way they used to be. At this point, it is necessary that they step in and seek help for the individual before he or she becomes knee-deep in the addiction.

In addition to this, individuals who are addicted will experience a decline in productivity. For those who work in offices, they will discover that their output is no longer as much as before.

For individuals in school, they will discover that there will be a drop in their grades. In addition, they will not be interested in academics as they used to.

Also, addiction is one of the reasons why people get involved in social vices, particularly substance addiction. When an individual is intoxicated or high on drugs, he or she is capable of performing any act.

The health aspect is not left out. There are far-reaching effects of being addicted. The person’s brain will wear out gradually. The individual becomes more vulnerable to other health complications and if care is not taken, the individual might die eventually.

Addiction does not leave any individual the same way. It becomes very obvious that they are not doing fine and it is best for them to seek help, before it becomes too late.  

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Date Posted: April 2, 2020
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