Receiving Help for Substance Abuse

substance abuse addictionRealizing that you or someone you are close to has a substance abuse problem can be a frightening ordeal. Substance abuse is a medically recognized disorder that many choose to treat with professional rehabilitation. Not every case of substance abuse requires rehabilitation because sometimes it is addressed before it becomes advanced, but for cases of substance abuse that have become out of control could very well require the professional intervention of a rehabilitation treatment center.

At a substance abuse rehab, patients can expect to find a caring staff that is trained in helping substance abusers regain their sobriety and maintain it. Rehab staff members are not judgmental about the problems a patient has, and the programs are designed to meet the individual where they are at, psychologically and medically.

The first step taken will be a complete detox to restore the body’s systems to a healthy working order. This detox can spawn intense withdrawal symptoms, which is why the process should be medically supervised, and medicated if required.

Once the detox is complete, the long term treatment can begin. This will include a personalized plan of recovery for the recovering substance abuser to follow, with the assistance of a knowledgeable staff and within the safety of a substance-free facility. This treatment will consist of counseling, both in a group setting and an individual setting, workbook exercises and readings, therapeutic activities, physical exercise and a nutritious diet, along with friendship and relationship building between peers.

When the treatment is complete and the recovering substance abuser is ready to rejoin the world, the program will help them with a continued sobriety exit plan and will make ongoing, supportive resources available to them as they get back on their feet. Canadians who are struggling with substance abuse and addiction problems should consider rehabilitation in Vancouver, a Calgary alcoholism program or an addiction treatment center in Montreal.

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